Statement About Values

**The below information is from the 2006-2016 UIS Strategic Plan. For information on the current 2018-2028 Strategic Compass, visit **

The UIS Strategic Plan identifies four important UIS values:

  1. Learning
  2. Students
  3. Community
  4. Engagement

See the complete Values section of the strategic plan.

In reflecting on the UIS values, two important advisory groups, the Diversity Task Force and the ROAD Committee (the Campus Senate Committee on Rights, Opportunity, Access and Diversity) developed a statement regarding the implementation of the UIS Strategic Plan. Here is that statement:

In order to achieve our goals, we believe that all of our operations and decisions should be guided by these fundamental principles and modeled by all members of the UIS community. We are committed to these principles:

  1. Integrity, honesty and ethical practices designed to achieve excellence;
  2. Freedom of inquiry and collaboration to cultivate leadership development;
  3. Opportunities for maximizing full potential for individual growth and responsible citizenship;
  4. Social responsibility fostered by community and civic engagement and public service; and
  5. Diversity to promote inclusion, understanding, mutual respect and civility.