Strategic Plan Fact Sheet

Background and process

This is the first comprehensive strategic plan for this university since 1992, when we were Sangamon State University. (SSU became the University of Illinois at Springfield in 1995.)

The UIS Strategic Planning Committee worked on the plan from November 2004 until December 2005. The committee included 12 faculty members, six administrators, four staff and two students. The committee consulted widely with UIS constituencies as the process continued.

UIS submitted the plan to U of I President B. Joseph White on January 6, 2006. The other two campuses (Chicago and Urbana-Champaign) are also creating new strategic plans this year.

Major components of the plan

New Mission Statement for UIS
The University of Illinois at Springfield provides an intellectually rich, collaborative, and intimate learning environment for students, faculty, and staff, while serving local, regional, state, national, and international communities.

New Vision Statement for UIS
UIS will be a premier small public university offering innovative, high-quality liberal arts education, public affairs activities, and professional programs dedicated to academic excellence, to enriching individual lives, and to making a difference in the world.

Statement of Strategic Intent
UIS will be recognized as one of the top five small public liberal arts universities in the United States.

The Six Goals
1. Academic Excellence
2. Enriching Individual Lives
3. Making a Difference in the World
4. Strengthen Campus Culture
5. Enrollment and Retention
6. Resources and Infrastructure

Next steps
1. Campuswide implementation begins in earnest after receiving all necessary approvals.
2. The colleges and other units at UIS will have their own strategic plans by this summer.
3. UIS will allocate and reallocate resources consistent with the goals of this plan.
4. UIS will continuously implement and review the plan in pursuit of the major goals and vision. The plan is expected to have a major impact on the development of UIS in the next five years.

March 20, 2006