Executive Summary – Chancellor’s Division

**The below information is from the 2006-2016 UIS Strategic Plan. For information on the current 2018-2028 Strategic Compass, visit https://www.uis.edu/strategiccompass/ **


The Chancellor’s Office oversaw the development of the UIS Strategic Plan in the past 18 months. Chancellor Ringeisen described it as “a bold and exciting statement about the future of UIS. This plan shows us the way.  Understanding and pursuing the six goals in this plan now becomes the task of every UIS faculty and staff member. This plan is not extra work for UIS. It is our work.”

So the implementation of the UIS Strategic Plan, “Creating a Brilliant Future,” becomes the most important work of the Chancellor’s Division for the foreseeable future.

The Chancellor’s Division includes the Chancellor, the Office for Access and Equal Opportunity, the Office for Web Services, the Public Relations and Marketing departments, Conference Services, Special Events, Development, Alumni Relations and Constituent Relations. Reporting to the Chancellor are the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Provost) and the Vice Chancellor for Student and Administrative Services. The Chancellor’s Cabinet consists of the chancellor, the two vice chancellors, the executive assistant to the president, the campus legal counsel, the associate chancellor for constituent relations, and the assistant vice president for business and finance.

Vision Statement

The division will be recognized as the catalyst of a university in which students, staff and faculty can articulate the UIS vision and mission and in which they work collaboratively to create a premier small public university offering innovative, high-quality liberal arts education, public affairs activities, and professional programs dedicated to academic excellence, to enriching individual lives, and to making a difference in the world.

Mission Statement

The Chancellor’s Division focuses energetically on positioning UIS to be recognized as a high-quality small public liberal arts university. It directs and allocates resources for the successful implementation of the UIS vision and mission.

The chancellor in particular and his senior staff work closely with the University of Illinois central administration and promote harmony and unity within the broad UIS community.

Statement of Strategic Intent

Because this is a bold vision for the future of UIS, the Chancellor’s Division must assume responsibility for making it a part of our message:

UIS will be recognized as one of the top five small public liberal arts universities in the United States.

We will achieve this by creating a world-class liberal arts oriented undergraduate educational experience reflecting many of the characteristics and best practices of small private liberal arts colleges while building on our many strengths. Among those strengths are professional academic programs, graduate education, and public affairs activities.

Strategic Goals for the Chancellor’s Division

The goals of the Chancellor’s Division are supplemented by the unit strategic plans of the offices of Development, Alumni Relations, Campus Relations, Campus Services, Marketing and Web Services.

Goal #1:  Implement the UIS Strategic Plan, 2006-2011

A major focus of the Chancellor’s Division will be to implement the overall UIS Strategic Plan and its goals, to align resources with those goals in annual budgeting, and to help find the new resources needed to implement the plan fully.

Goal #2: Meet the development campaign goal

The Chancellor’s Division will invest considerable human and financial resources into meeting the University of Illinois’ major campaign goal (expected to be $25 million) for UIS. UIS will meet or exceed this goal.

Goal #3: Establish identity and brand and internal communications plan

The communications arms of the Chancellor’s Divisions will collaborate to establish a firm identity for UIS among the faculty, staff and students; in the central Illinois region; and ultimately, nationally. Those units will also develop and sustain an ongoing internal communications plan to make clear the vision and direction of UIS.

Goal #4: Strengthen campus culture

This is nearly identical to Goal #4 of the Strategic Plan. Since it is a campuswide goal, the Chancellor’s Division will work with UIS staff, faculty, students, alumni, and friends so that UIS is known for its high level of responsiveness to students and as an institution where respect and civility prevail in all interactions.

Goal #5:  Local action, global impact

The Chancellor’s Division, especially with its communication arm, will continuously make connections between programs and activities at UIS in the context of what’s happening in central Illinois, in the nation and in the world.

Goal #6:  Create three- and five-year plans for salary equity

Salary equity has long been a point of contention among UIS staff. The Chancellor’s Cabinet will create three- and five-year plans in pursuit of salary equity.

Goal #7:  Develop ongoing orientation for existing and new staff

Orientation to campus values and the UIS mission and vision will be provided to all staff in a systematic way, and it will become part of the orientation process for new staff. The Chancellor’s Cabinet will oversee this with the assistance of Human Resources. The development of this process will include a list of UIS Traditions and legendary stories.

Goal #8:  Develop a Campus Welcome Committee to provide group orientation

As described in Goal #4, the Chancellor’s Division will create and oversee a Campus Welcome Committee, which will meet monthly with all new UIS employees and provide specific information about the benefits of being a UIS employee and what is expected of UIS employees in terms of customer service and civility.

Resource Needs

This UIS Strategic Plan identifies many specific needs, including physical enhancements: more internal and external gathering spaces (sometimes called “third spaces”), a Student Center, another residence hall, more laboratory facilities, and a renovation of Brookens Library and the metal buildings. The plan also highlights the need to find more extracurricular opportunities for students, to create a comprehensive plan for cultural and arts activities, and to address salary equity issues and salary competitiveness for staff and faculty. We estimate needs of $4.351 million in annually recurring funds and $95,000 in one-time, nonrecurring funds over the next five years to implement our goals. We have also identified a need for $89 million in capital funds for some of the initiatives in this strategic plan and for buildings identified in the campus master plan of 2000. The Chancellor’s Division and Chancellor’s Cabinet will take responsibility for maintaining a focus on these needs.



Resource Needs Summary (from Strategic Plan)

 Goal Recurring Financial Resources Nonrecurring Financial Resources Human Resources Capital Investment
Goal #1: Academic Excellence  $   360,000  $   24,000 2.00  $     600,000
Goal #2: Enriching Individual Lives  $   590,000  $   16,000 9.00  $  2,800,000
Goal #3: Making a Difference in the World  $  132,000  $           –             –  $               –
Goal #4: Campus Culture  $   481,000  $   55,000 6.00  $     600,000
Goal #5: Enrollment & Retention  $   688,000  $           – 8.50  $17,000000
Goal #6: Infrastructure  $2,100,000  $           – 5.50  $68,000,000
 Total:  $4,351,000  $   95,000 31.00  $89,000,000