Students in STARS

The STARS program living-learning community is composed of first generation, traditionally underrepresented, and statistically underprepared for college entry. Students in STARS are exposed to on-campus support services and faculty, which in turns creates a supportive network. The STARS program provides each student with a unique experience as Freshmen such as:

  • being part of a Living Learning Community (LLC),
  • building a network of friends
  • taking courses geared towards academic success,
  • increasing academic performance
  • regular appointments with success coach
  • stregthening  maturity and personal devlepoment
  • receiving a successful mentor




” STARS has helped me keep my studies in tact. I get more homework done at study tables than I do on my own.” Victoria H.






 ” STARS has done a lot for me academically and mentally. STARS has helped me stay on track with all of my courses.”  Adrian M.





dsc_0813“STARS has introduced me to people and strengthen my work ethic.” Bobbi M.







“STARS has given me a extra step to higher education, and is helping me continue on a path of higher education.” Elijah J.   





dsc_0799 ” STARS has introduced me to new people” Fuad A.