SOA Major

To earn a B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology, you must complete 120 semester hours (including lower-division work taken at UIS or elsewhere), requirements for the SOA major, and UIS requirements.

Download the most recent SOA Major advising form (.pdf).

Requirements for the Sociology/Anthropology (SOA) Major

Majors must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in Sociology/Anthropology, which includes five core courses, one course in the diversity/inequalities category, and a minimum of two elective courses. Students are expected to meet with an SOA adviser before beginning the major.

Required Core Courses (19 credit hours):

SOA 302 Understanding Cultures 4 Hrs.
SOA 304 Human Evolution: Biological and Cultural 4 Hrs.
SOA 405 Sociocultural Theories 4 Hrs.
SOA 410 Senior Seminar 3 Hrs.
SOA 411 Social Research Methods 4 Hrs.

Diversity/Inequalities Requirement (3-4 credit hours).
Select 1 course from the following:

SOA 231 ECCE: Cultural Diversity in the U.S.  3 Hrs.
SOA 441 ECCE: Global Stratification 4 Hrs.
SOA 301 ECCE: Women, Gender and Society 4 Hrs.

Electives (7-8 credit hours, for a total of at least 30 credits in SOA): Students are required to take at least two elective courses in SOA. At least one must be 400-level.

Other Requirements for the B.A.:

UIS Requirements

ALL undergraduate students at UIS must complete a minimum of 13 hours of Engaged Citizenship Common Experience courses (ECCE Requirements) at the 200-400 level:

U.S. Communities (1 course, 3 hours)
Global Awareness (1 course, 3 hours)
Engagement Experience (3 hours)
ECCE Elective  (3 hours)
ECCE Speaker Series (1-2 hours)

Graduation Contracts

In the semester before you graduate, you must submit a “graduation contract,” a form that shows the courses you have taken to meet requirements for the major, university requirements, and requirements for any minor you have completed. Graduation contract forms are available in the program office, and must be submitted to your advisor to approve ten weeks before the end of the semester.

Recommended — Foreign Language Study

We recommend that Sociology/Anthropology majors include study of a foreign language as part of their baccalaureate education. Knowledge of a foreign language is an important part of being a well-educated person, and opens a realm of experience—both professional and personal—unavailable to those limited to a single language. Completion of a fourth semester course in a foreign language is required for graduation in many universities and is required for admission to graduate school in many fields.