The Bachelor’s Degree


Students will be assigned a faculty advisor at the time of admission. A student may elect to change that advisor, but the new advisor must be a faculty member in the Social Work Department. Students should consult their advisor each semester before registration. Refer to for resources to help you succeed in achieving your academic goals.

Grading Policy

A student must earn a grade of C or better in every Social Work core course to continue in the curriculum and to graduate. If a lower grade is earned (C- or lower), a student may repeat a course or courses, but only once. CR/NC is not available in core courses except field work. Students will be encouraged to complete their degrees within five years. A student should apply through a Student Petition for a leave of absence if he or she will be out more than one semester.

Degree Requirements

Every B.S.W. student will complete 44 credit hours of core social work courses. This includes eight hours of field work. Students should consult with their advisor for specific guidance regarding completion of general education requirements.

Field work

An essential aspect of professional preparation is the integration of knowledge and skills with experience. This is accomplished primarily through the field work course. Field work is an intensive 400-hour experience in a social service agency, where a student, under supervision, learns to assess and improve his or her own social work skills. The field work supervisor should be a person holding a degree in social work and must be approved by the program’s field work director. Field work may be taken concurrently with SWK 430, SWK 433, and SWK 434. All other B.S.W. core courses must be completed and graded before starting field work. Students on academic probation are ineligible for field work.

Closure procedures

Students must submit a graduation application whether they wish to participate in commencement or not. The graduation application must be submitted no later than the posted deadline for the applicable semester. Deadlines are posted in the Office of Records and Registration and emailed to all students each semester. All students must consult with their advisor before registering for their last semester to ensure that both UIS and department requirements have been met. Students should consult with their advisor for specific guidance regarding completion of general education requirements. Core courses must be taken in the proper sequential order after the prerequisites are completed.

Degree Requirements

SWK 322 Introduction to Social Work 3
SWK 323 Intro to Social Work – Lab (lab) 1
SWK 333 Human Behavior in the Social Environment 4
SWK 344 Social Work Practice I 4
SWK 355 Social Welfare Policies and Services 4
SWK 366 ECCE: Beyond Bias: Racism, Sexism and Heterosexism 4
SWK 377 Social Work Practice II 4
SWK 430 Social Work Research Methods 4
SWK 433 Social Work Practice III 4
SWK 434 Senior Seminar 4
SWK 450 ECCE: Field Work 1 4-8
Total Hours 44