Graduate Study

The Sociology/Anthropology Program at UIS does not offer a graduate degree in sociology or anthropology.

Students considering continuing their education after the B.A. in sociology/anthropology should consult with their adviser concerning course selection. In general, students planning to pursue graduate education in the social sciences or related professional fields (social work, public health, public administration, etc.) should complete an undergraduate course in statistics, seek out opportunities to gain research experience, and choose elective courses that will provide a solid background in their field of graduate study.

Searching for Graduate Programs?

Dr. Fisher shares tips for thinking about graduate school:

  • Consult the UIS Career Development Center — they can help you formulate goals and gather information about grad schools.
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee has an excellent web page on finding a graduate program, with links to many useful resources. (You’ll find that some of the links are broken, but do not be discouraged; I have found many useful sources and ideas through this thoughtful web page.)
  • is a comprehensive listing of graduate programs in the United States, with some coverage of programs in other countries. Explore links to the programs. I recommend going to the UWM page above first, to formulate a list of questions that are important to you in evaluating graduate programs.
  • is an interesting resource, intended mostly for Ph.D. students in the sciences, but broadly relevant for anyone considering graduate school. For example, explore their pages on grad school rankings.
  • Here is some useful advice for undergraduates thinking of applying to Ph.D. programs.
  • Be aware of licensing or accreditation requirements in the field that interests you. Look for national organizations relating to the profession or field you want training in. For example: National Association of Social Workers offers a lot of information about the profession, training, etc., and the Council on Social Work Education provides a list of accredited MSW programs.

Give yourself plenty of time to learn about graduate programs that will work for you!