Simisola Olokobi, Candidate for Senator-at-Large

Hello fellow Prairie Stars, my name is Simisola Olokobi and i am a candidate for the senator-at-Large position. I am a junior at UIS with a major Environmental Studies and a minor in Accountancy. In high school, i served as the Labor Prefect during which i worked hand in hand with other prefects and teachers to maintain order, cooperation, and environmental cleanliness around the school premises. Currently i work as a senate page at the Illinois Senate and this has been one of the greatest opportunities i’ve been given. I have had the privilege to work with various individuals and senators from both sides of the aisle. It’s been pleasure learning about senate , sitting in committees, and observing how policies and laws are passed. Today I am asking for your vote. I am confident in my abilities, and i believe i will make a good leader and excellent student advocate. A vote for me will be a vote for passion, consideration, and fun. I am easy-going and attentive. I assure you, i will advocate and go the extra mile for the students of UIS.I promise to be fair and equal in all my endeavours, while having fun and being the change i hope to see in the world. Thank you for your time! Go Prairie Stars!