Rosie Dawoud, Candidate for President

Status: Sophomore


Hello! My name is Rosie and I am proud to announce that I am running for SGA President. I am a Sophomore, legal studies major from Bolingbrook, IL. Currently, I’m your internal vice-president, where I manage all student representation on campus-wide committees, specifically within SGA. My main responsibility is that student’s voices are represented and the actions taken on the committees are relayed directly to the administration. I also serve on Campus Senate as one of the student representatives; I am a direct advocate for the opinions of the student body regarding majors, Friday classes, academic calendars, and other administrative matters. My goal as president is to inspire students to make their concerns known so that we can solve these issues together as a united, UIS community. Ultimately, I do not have a solution to every problem, but together we will. Please vote Rosie for President April 11th & 12th.