Molly Harms, Candidate for Undergraduate Senator


I’m Molly Harms and I’m so excited to be running for Undergraduate Student Senator! I can’t wait to meet new students and represent different members of the campus community if given the chance! As the 2020-2021 Freshman Senator, my work was mostly focused on freshman students, but I would love to expand my horizons and have this opportunity to represent every undergrad student at UIS. Through SGA this past year, some of my favorite things have been serving on the Spirit Week and library committees, and working to create an internship event for freshman and sophomore students. Despite the chaos of the past year, SGA has given me a place where I can thrive and work to positively impact the college experiences of myself and others. If given the chance to continue doing this as Undergraduate Senator, I will be incredibly grateful, and will keep working as hard as possible.