Molly Harms, Candidate for Freshman Senator

I’m Molly Harms and I’m so excited to be running for the SGA Freshman Senator! If elected, I already have a few ideas that could improve the quality of life for freshmen. Primarily, I think it’s exceedingly important that every student is treated with equality and respect. I also want to support a social environment that enhances student well-being and encourages positivity. I will be able to translate my ideas into realities because I already have experience getting involved in government. I’ve met personally with the Mayor of Springfield to discuss restoring infrastructure in my neighborhood and have also served on an advisory council for my State Senator. I’m looking forward to using my experience to improve campus life while also making connections with other UIS freshmen. I can’t wait to get involved with the SGA and hope I get the opportunity to represent UIS as the Freshman Senator.