Luke D’Elia, Candidate for Senator-at-Large

If I, Luke D’Elia, am elected Senator-at-Large that will immediately enable me to fight on behalf of this student body on a multitude of different fronts. There are legitimate concerns that I, and my fellow students, have with the status-quo of this campus and I am determined to amend as many of these as possible. At the forefront of my focus will be helping transition UIS to be more of a fun college-environment that entices student interaction and one that prioritizes environmental sustainability. I believe there are certain rules that infringe upon student’s abilities to organize events on campus such as the fact we students cannot bring in outside food for events at our own Student Union. I also believe there is not equal opportunity of recycling for students and environmentalism is not a big enough initiative on this campus. Please vote for me, so I can work for you.