Luigi Cabantog, Candidate for Freshman Senator

Hi! I graduated from Proviso West High School in Hillside, Illinois and had the honor to serve approximately 2,000 students as their Student Council President for two years. Here at UIS, my major is Public Administration and I am in the LLC Leadership for Life. If elected as Freshman Senator, I will ensure that your voice is heard. I personally believe that our campus could be more eco-friendly, our food services could be better, and our assigned parking locations could be more efficient. I plan to work with all students to continuously improve our campus. If you see me around campus, please do talk to me and share your concerns. You may find my experience, passion, and dedication worth your vote. I reside in LRH 320 with an open-door policy. I want to know how I can serve YOU, subscribe to my announcements: send “@luigi4you” to 81010. #InLuigiWeTrust