Gavin Hunt, Candidate for Senator-at-Large

Status: Junior


I, Gavin Hunt, wish to be elected for the position of Senator-at-Large within the Student Government Association of the University of Illinois Springfield. It is my intent, in this elected position, to accurately and thoroughly represent the members which comprise this governing body. My extensive involvement in Illinois state governance and bureaucracy has ensured my qualification for this designation. Additionally, my practical and judicious nature will be beneficial in securing neutral and impartial decisions. It is my understanding that the Student Government Association is the foundation of political discourse and is indicative of the future of the American political system. For too long have students been complicit in the improper education of our nation’s political leaders. I refuse to allow a culture of indolence or consternation manifest on this campus. Upon my designation to the official position of Senator-at-Large, I will execute each of my duties in an official capacity.