Candidate Statements

Andrew Cunningham, Candidate for the Freshman Student Senator position


  1. It will be the responsibility of SGA and School officials to organize more desired activities and events on campus for all students to enhance social well-being and fun.
  2. Invest in the shuttle bus program to offer rides to popular Springfield locations during the weekends for students, enhancing mobility and activity.
  3. Work with the administration of the student union to hire more students in union jobs, and have programs that primarily benefit students and their interests.
  4. Advocate for our diverse University population by promoting acceptance and equal opportunities amongst all students.
  5. Work to expand the student discount program to include more businesses throughout Springfield such as popular restaurants, and bring more locations to campus.
  6. Form a SGA Taskforce to study how to grow student internship and employment opportunities as well as hold administration responsible for financial and policy decisions.

Kelsey Pygott, Candidate for the Position of Transfer Student Senator vincent-joseph

Hello! My name is Kelsey














Aaron Shrestha, Candidate for Undergraduate Senator aaron-shrestha

It is with great pleasure, passion, and privilege that I submit my application to run for and serve on the Student Government Association as an Undergraduate Senator. As a member of the SGA, I hope to improve the quality of life on and off campus. I want to work with the school administration in order to give more internship and work opportunities for international students. Furthermore, I want to coordinate with the campus police to make the campus safer for students. Cheaper housing for all the students is also one of my main goals. I will be here to make sure that students enjoy all four years of their time at UIS. I look forward to representing all of the students to the best of my abilities if I were to be elected as the Undergraduate Senator for our school.