Fall 2015 Proposed Constitutional Changes

Fellow Students of UIS,

Last year this campus voted in recorded numbers for more robust representation. As a result, we have strived to make sure that students are heard at every step of campus life. Part of making sure that students are properly represented is taking a look at our own practices and governing documents to ensure that nothing stands in the way of making our voices heard. After having combed through the Constitution and Bylaws, we have seen one glaring gap in student representation… the Summer Semester. That is why we propose this Amendment to the Constitution of the Student Government Association (SGA).

This Amendment would simply shift all but 4 elections to the Spring Semester. The reason why we propose this change is due to the fact that in order to conduct business, the rules of procedure require the SGA to have a quorum, half plus one, of all electable voting positions present in a meeting. The number of members required for a quorum is ten people. Currently, the Constitution only allows for 8 voting members to be elected during the Spring Semester, effectively prohibiting us from convening and providing a robust student representation.

It is the belief of the members of SGA that students should play a role in every decision made; be it during the semesters that we are on campus or over the summer when the majority of students are at home. You elect us to serve you and this Amendment would allow us to do so in a robust and honorable fashion.

If passed, this Amendment will allow for the election of 13 voting members that will serve over the summer and for the following year. The only positions that will not be filed are the Freshman Senator, seeing as how the Freshmen we will not be on campus until the Fall Semester; the International Senator, seeing as how most International Students arrive on campus at the beginning of the Fall Semester; the Transfer Senator, seeing as how the Transfer Students will not be on campus until the Fall Semester; and one Senator-At-Large, seeing as how students who arrive on campus during the Fall Semester who are not Traditional Students, Transfer Students, or simply decide to attend UIS after the Spring election cycle has already passed, should have a voice and an opportunity to run for a position on SGA. All other positions will be filled in the Spring. Any positions not filled by the election in the Spring will be filled in the Fall by election. If the position in the Fall still is not filled, it will be the duty of the President of SGA to appoint a member to the vacant seat.

Students at UIS are both leaders and adults on campus and in the community. Our motto is #LeadershipLived for a reason and it is time that we lived up to that reputation. Let us live up to that reputation on your behalf to the Administration. This Amendment passed with unanimous support and we highly encourage you to vote ‘yes’.

To view the entire constitution with proposed changes click here

If you have any questions at all, feel free to speak with any member of SGA or message us on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/UISStudentGovernmentAssociation, to help explain it to you.

Thank you for your support,

Student Government Association at UIS