How to get involved with SAC

Top 5 Reasons to Join SAC

  1. Help choose what large events brought to campus.
  2. Gain experience in event planning, promotions, and leadership.
  3. Get to know some of the coolest people at UIS!
  4. Work hands-on with entertainers from across the country, learning valuable skills along the way.
  5. Have opportunities to attend entertainment and leadership conferences.

Become a General Member!

Being a general member is a great way to get your feet wet and experience more of student life. SAC will have a strong focus on its general members  involvement and helping them learn the ropes of event planning. This committee serves as a great place to get to know UIS more. Join us at one of our Sunday meetings or email us to get involved!

Become a Coordinator!

SAC is currently not filling any of the coordinator positions. Below are the complete descriptions for each of the Coordinator positions. Click on the links below to see what you could help with or become in the coming semesters or year.

For more information, talk to ANY SAC Exec Board Member at any SAC event, attend a SAC meeting (every Sunday at 1pm in the Student Union, SLC), or email us!