Academic Affairs



Fall 2013 Committee Report

99 problems campaign

  • “Why doesn’t CAP Scholars program place more of an emphasis on science and math?”
    • Agreed that CAP scholars already fulfill gen-ed requirements and that a full academic year of biology, chemistry, and math are already included.
  • “Proctor examining for online students should be an easy process. It should be mailed or faxed to proctor sites, no mail should be required, and it should take one day overall.”
    • Talk to online coordinator to figure out current proctoring protocol. Can we make this a uniform process?
  • “I wish more criminal justice classes would be offered during the day, on campus”
    • Can we send out a questionnaire to figure out times that work best for students? Talk to chair to figure out why and how these times are being chosen.
  • “ Computer sciences program (and math for that matter) have professors that don’t answer questions and are disorganized.”
    • Find more about the whiteboard program
    • Is there any training for faculty on how to best use BB?
    • Bring awareness of breaking classes into groups of 5-10 people with “leaders” to lead each group.
  • “UIS claims to have top-notch online programs. What are they doing to make this claim and continue bettering it? How do MOOCs play into this?”
    • Introduce idea of Kaltura to incorporate into classes
    • Answer questions online live. Post video on to Kaltura.

Ideas for improvements, retention, and concerns regarding academics

  • What is in place to make sure that professors are improving on what is found in their evaluations?
  • Is there a way to give feedback to professors in the beginning to let them know what is working and what is not?
  • Create a town hall meeting once a semester between students and chairs to discuss issues.
    • Students rarely approach chairs of departments, this will help fix it.
  • Academic bowls – competition between students within each department.
  • Specific issue within English 1xx classes – grades are unknown until end of class.