Collin Moseley, Candidate for Internal Vice President

It is with great pleasure that I, Collin Moseley, officially announce my candidacy for re-election to the Student Government Association, seeking the office of Internal Vice President. This past year serving as Senator At Large has been a tremendous experience. I have enjoyed working with, and fighting for our students on many issues. In this past business year on many projects, both continuing and accomplished, you can find that I either spearheaded them, or made every effort to assist at any step of the way. This was, and is continually done out of an abundance of devotion to the community that is UIS. If elected your Internal Vice President, I will make it my primary effort to continue this hard work in ensuring a transparent government that is not derailed by administrative constraint, nor by apathy. Finally, if elected I will work for YOU. In that spirit, please feel free to email me at at any time to discuss your concerns. I thank you, and humbly ask for your vote.