Ben Paoletti, Candidate for Undergraduate Student Senator

Ben Paoletti - PhotoAs Undergraduate Senator of SGA at UIS, I will attract noteworthy musicians to campus as well as fund public art. When’s the last time UIS hosted an exciting DJ on campus? Have students ever come together to create artwork to make campus pop or leave their mark? The most important aspect of this will be organized, exciting fundraising which I will brainstorm constantly for. Campus-wide ideas are encouraged so we can get the discussion rolling. In addition, I will introduce a new SGA panel that focuses on healthier food choices in the student emporium. Last but not least, it is so very important to emphasize and organize a larger, stronger blue crew for our athletes . As a former athlete, a pumped up crowd can send adrenaline and motivation running through a team. Vote Paoletti! Your brain ain’t Spaghetti!