Abhishek Dantinamane Sheshagiri, Candidate for SGA Graduate Student Senator

I am an International Computer Science Graduate student. I was enrolled in Spring ’19 term. Currently I am a Student worker at Student Life. Being a Graduate student myself, I know what are the expectations by my fellow Graduate students at UIS both in academics and professional life. As to get the Graduate students ready to face the challenges when they complete their studies, I would like to utilize this position to work on those aspects which will help them to stand out from others in the society. I would also like to seek more opportunities for the students by working closely with the various professors and organizations who are involved. More importantly, I would like to create an environment for all of them on the campus where they can relax and have a peaceful mind by organizing various fun-filled events every now and then.
I want to make the campus as Home, away from Home for all the students.