Proposed SGA Constitutional Amendment

Dear UIS Students:

The Student Government Association (SGA) proposes Constitutional Amendment #001 – Restructuring of the SOFA Board – in an effort to increase full transparency within its standing committee the Student Organization Funding Association (SOFA)

First of all, this Amendment corrects some of SGA’s operational flaws regarding the Constitution. SGA’s Constitution states the Internal Vice President is supposed to appoint the Chair of SOFA. However, for as long as anyone can remember, the Treasurer of SGA, who acts as Vice Chair of SOFA, has appointed the Chair of SOFA, violating its own Constitution.

Nonetheless, in this situation, the chair does not have to be appointed internally, meaning that any student can feasibly be appointed Chair of the most important funding association for students on campus. Whether it is the Internal VP or Treasurer who is appointing, they could hypothetically appoint anyone regardless of qualifications as the Chair of SOFA.

Second, this amendment changes the current constitution so that the SOFA Chair position would be filled by an elected position, the SGA Treasurer.

The SGA unanimously supports restructuring the SOFA board, and if the students vote for the amendment, then the Treasurer of SGA will become the Chair of SOFA. The Amendment is also correcting the record, and recognizing what has actually been going on: The Treasurer has been appointing the SOFA Chair for years. The Treasurer of SGA is the only member of SGA that is directly associated with SOFA, as stated in our Constitution. The time is right to change the structure of SOFA. Direct representation within SOFA will increase as a result, as the head of the organization is directly represented and voted in by you, the students. Tasking the only SGA member that is directly involved with SOFA’s operations with being the chair is the only logical action from an operational perspective. The Treasurer will then be able to nominate members externally to the committee. This amendment is just as much about representation as it is about correcting a Constitutional error.

The Student Government Association