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Supermarket employees 1962
Employees of the Clear Lake Super Mart Springfield, IL, 1962. Courtesy of the Sangamon Valley Collection, Lincoln Public Library of Springfield

Sangamon Experience seeks input from local historical, cultural, and community organizations to help supply materials, ideas, and research for upcoming programs and exhibitions. In doing so, we embrace the ethic of the shared pursuit of knowledge and interpretation about the past. The Sangamon Experience campus exhibition space is curated by teams of faculty and students, local partners, and community volunteers.

Sangamon Experience also welcomes inquiries about community digitization projects.If you or your organization is interested in partnering with Sangamon Experience, contact us at

Current Sangamon Experience Partners

Sangamon Valley Collection (SVC) at Lincoln Library, the Public Library of Springfield

Lincoln Library
SVC historians were part of the research and design team for the first section of Sangamon Experience’s permanent exhibit, on the settlement of the Sangamon between 1800 and 1860. 

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