Spring Move-In

The Department of Residence Life strives to provide a seamless and pain-free move-in process for students and their families during Move-In time.

Residency requirement: All single freshmen and sophomore students under 21, not residing with parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and having earned fewer than 60 credit hours in two (2) full years after completing High School are required to live in UIS Housing. 

Please be sure to review the following information to prepare for your arrival on-campus:

When Should I Arrive?

  • Spring Move-In Day is January 10, 2020 for all students.
  • Early Arrival Request Form
    • Please fill out the Early Arrival Request Form if you plan on arriving before our Spring Move-In Day. This includes all students attending a new student orientation before January 10, 2020.
    • All Early Arrival Requests must be approved by a DRL Representative and you will be emailed with the decision.
      • Please keep in mind there will be a $25 charge per day leading up to your original check-in date. These charges will be added to your Student Account.
      • If approved for Early Arrival, please reference the Early Arrival confirmation email for check-in information.

Getting to Campus

  • Driving Directions to the University of Illinois Springfield
    • Please follow the directions for East Campus Apartments. All areas of campus will be checking in at the Homer Butler Housing Commons regardless of their assignment.
  • Amtrak
    • If traveling by train, the Springfield Amtrak Station code is “SPI”.
    • Routes through Springfield include “Illinois Service” and “Texas Eagle”

 When You Arrive

  • Checking In
    • While cars are being unloaded, students checking in to their rooms should report to the Homer Butler Housing Commons (aka HCOM, Residence Life Office) located as #20 on the campus map.
    • Students will need to present their i-Card/Student ID or picture ID when checking in.
    • Contracts, Inventories & Keys – At check-in, students will receive a Room Inventory and Keys for their spaces.
      • Students will need to sign an Acknowledgement of Resident Responsibilities.
      • Students will be given their inventory and keys to their unit. Students will be expected to complete their inventory within 72 hours of checking in. Please review the full check-in process via our Move-In Guide.  Please be thorough in your assessment, as your check-out process will be based on the notes you made during check-in.  We have a list of damage charges available as reference for all items within the unit.
      • In the Residence Halls, students will receive a room key, bathroom key and a mailbox key.  In the Apartments and Townhouses, residents will receive a front door key, bedroom key and mailbox key.
      • Residents are responsible for their keys at all times, and may be asked to produce these keys by Residence Life Staff at any time.

What to Bring

Reassignment Requests (Room Changes)

  • In order to adequately prepare for the semester, a freeze is in effect for all reassignment/room change requests until the third Monday after the first day of classes.  No room reassignment requests will be honored until this freeze ends.
  • Reassignment requests are based on occupancy and spaces that are available at the time of request, and are subject to approval.  Reassignment requests based on conflict typically will not be approved until the formal mediation process has been followed.
    • This process requires drafting of a Roommate Agreement, and reviewing of this agreement at subsequent mediation meetings if necessary.
    • All parties are expected to be engaged and active participants in this conflict mediation process.

People You’ll Meet – Residence Life Staff

  • Desk Attendants– student staff members who serve as security monitors, customer service assistants, and reception staff at each Residence Hall and Homer Butler Commons Reception Desks.
  • Resident Assistants – full-time students who serve as community builders, first responders, role models, mediators, and so much more! These staff members reside in the same area/floor that you do, and work to foster a safe and secure living & learning environment.
  • Resident Directors – full-time professional, live-in Academic Professional staff members that provide day-to-day administration, management, and staff supervision of the RA staff and Desk Assistant


Important Phone Numbers & Emails:

Request Permission to Arrive Early – Spring 2020:

The Department of Residence Life requests that any resident wishing to arrival early to campus for Spring 2020 review the information below. No requests are approved to arrive earlier than Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

Spring 2020 housing opens for new students January 10, 2020. Prior to these dates, the buildings are not fully staffed and thus cannot provide the safety and security operations necessary to physically open early. We encourage all students to move-in on or after their respective move-in date. Students can always check in after their respective opening date without financial penalty, through the second day of classes. Additionally, some buildings may not be ready for the early arrival process due to facility projects and renovations. If a student’s room/building is impacted by these summer projects then they will not be approved for these reasons.

Students will receive decision notifications of their submitted requests no later than January 3, 2020. Requests will be responded to by email. The deadline to receive requests will be 4:00pm , December 16, 2019.  Students that are approved for early arrival will be held accountable for policies and procedures outlined in the housing contract and may be removed from early arrival housing if violation of the contract occurs.

There are early arrival charges of $25 per night for student to move in early to their residence hall or apartment.

Additional questions regarding this process can contact Residence Life at 217-206-6190 or email at reslife@uis.edu. Thank you.

***Please note all Residence Life policies (including visitation and no guests) are still in effect during the Early Arrival period.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for permission to arrive early for Spring 2020 must be received by December 16, 2019 at 4 PM to receive the $25/night rate.  All requests after this deadline will be considered late request, and if approved, will be charged at the $50/night rate, even if you have not yet received an assignment by this date. 

Meal Plan:

  • First Year Students AND Second Year (Sophomore) returning students who live in the Residence Halls are required to purchase a full meal plan (Signature, Gold, or Silver Plan) as offered through Dining Services. Second Year (Sophomore) students assigned to the townhouses are required to have at least a Bronze Meal Plan for the Spring Semester.
  • Non-Second Year Students who live in the townhouses and apartments may choose any plan including the smallest option designed with your needs in mind.
    • “Bronze Plan” is the most popular for our Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students and is designed for students who have a kitchen.

Submit a Work Order:

Work Order Button 1-01
Link to submit maintenance and repair based work orders
Work Order Button 2
Link to submit internet and cable TV related work orders