Move-In Guide

The Department of Residence Life strives to provide a seamless and pain-free move-in process for students and their families during Move-In time.

Residency requirement: All single freshmen and sophomore students under 21, not residing with parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and having earned fewer than 60 credit hours in two (2) full years after completing High School are required to live in UIS Housing.

When Should I Arrive?

Getting to Campus

When You Arrive

  • Checking In
    • Students who are NEW to campus housing (First-Year, Transfer, Grad) should plan to Move In on Monday, Aug. 16.  Check-in timeslots will be offered between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.
    • Students who are RETURNING to campus housing (Upperclassmen) should plan to Move In on Wednesday, Aug. 18, Thursday, Aug. 19 or Friday, Aug.20.  Check in timeslots will be offered between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. each day.
    • ALL students are expected to pre-register for a Move In timeslot to allow for a move-in experience that reduces congestion and supports physical distancing for students and their move-in helpers.
    • NEW Students will receive their room key, parking permit, and other essential move-in resources at a one-stop-shop check-in experience, which will be located indoors at The Recreation and Athletic Center (TRAC).
    • RETURNING Students should report to their community to receive their room keys and other essential move-in resources. Students residing in East Campus Apartments or West Campus Townhouses should report to Homer Butler Housing Commons/Residence Life Office and students residing in the residence halls should report to their front desk areas.
  • Parking & Staging (Fall Semester, NEW STUDENTS ONLY, Monday, Aug. 16)
    • NEW students will be asked to report to the TRAC parking lot (Lot I) during their designated timeslot. Students and their helpers will be asked to park their vehicle and enter the south side (main entrance) of TRAC to proceed to our check-in station (staff will be on hand to provide direction).
    • All students are required to be in compliance with the UIS COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Policy. Students who are not in compliance will not receive keys. Once keys are received, students can proceed back to their vehicle.
    • Residence Hall Parking
      • For students living in one of our Residence Halls (Lincoln or Founders), parking in front of the halls is very limited and only 6 cars will be allowed to park and unload at a time. For students wanting to take advantage of our curbside unloading zones, they will need to get in a holding line, which will be located in the north section of the TRAC parking lot (Lot I). Staff will be on hand to direct traffic.
      • Students who do not wish to wait for an opening in the curbside unloading zones are welcome to proceed to a long-term residential parking lot and walk their belongings into the building over multiple trips.
    • Apartment and Townhouse parking
      • Students living in one of our Apartments or Townhouses can proceed directly to the long-term residential parking lot nearest their building and unload from there after checking in and receiving their keys. There is no need for them to wait in an additional line after completing the check in process.
  • Inventories & Keys – At check-in, students will receive their Keys and instructions on how to complete a Room Inventory.
    • The Room Inventory is a standardized form that denotes the current state of the room.  All students are required to complete an inventory of their space within 72 hours after checking in. Students will receive instructions on how to complete the forms when they check in. After the 72-hour period, residents may be held responsible for any discrepancies during check-out.
    • In the Residence Halls, students will typically receive a room key and a mailbox key.  In the Apartments and Townhouses, residents receive a third key that opens the front door of their unit.
    • Residents are responsible for their keys at all times, and may be asked to produce these keys by Residence Life Staff at any time.

Move In Rules and Regulations – New Due to COVID-19

The Department of Residence Life and UIS seeks to promote a comprehensive and safe learning and living environment for its students. Several changes will be noticed during Fall Move In as UIS implements important new practices and guidelines:

  • Students who are not in compliance with the UIS COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement will not be able to move in. Students not in compliance will be required to find any necessary accommodations at their own expense. 
  • Students who are approved for an extension or exemption from the UIS COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement must be tested for COVID-19 and provide proof of testing prior to receiving keys to their room.
  • Students must sign up for a check-in timeslot in advance. This allows us to safely limit the number of people in our buildings so as to comply with CDC recommended physical distancing and occupancy standards.
  • Students who arrive outside of their timeslot will be asked to return during the next available timeslot and will be required to find any necessary accommodations at their own expense.
  • Students are allowed to bring up to two (2) friends or family members with them to help move in their belongings. All helpers must be free of any COVID-19 symptoms. Helpers will be asked to depart campus after three hours.
  • For any student or helper who is not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (two full weeks after final dose), face coverings that cover the nose and mouth are required while on campus.
  • Moving carts will be available on a limited basis to assist with moving belongings into the halls. Residence Life staff will be sanitizing the carts often, but students are encouraged to disinfect before each use (sanitization stations will be available in the lobby of each hall).
  • Elevator use is limited to 1 resident and their helper(s) at a time.
  • Violation of these rules and/or behaving in a way that may endanger the safety of others will be taken seriously. Students will be held responsible via the student conduct system and helpers will be asked to leave.

Loft Kits

What is a Loft Kit? Loft Kits are extra bed parts which allow you to raise your bed several feet for additional floor space underneath. Once a Loft Kit is placed in your room, it must stay there for the remainder of the year.

If you are interested in having a Loft Kit placed in your room (Lincoln or Founders Residence Halls ONLY), please fill out this form.  Once you fill out the form, our staff will deliver the Loft Kit to your room so that it will be there prior to Move In Day. YOU will be responsible for assembling the bed parts and putting the Loft Kit in place. To have your Loft Kit in place before Move In Day (8/16/21), you will need to complete this form by Friday, August 6, 2021.

Please Note: Loft Kits are available while supplies last, so this will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and we cannot guarantee the availability of a Loft Kit. We encourage you to sign up early. In addition, Loft Kits will be placed prior to Move In Day, August 16, 2021; however, if you have been approved as an Early Arrival, we cannot guarantee that the Loft Kit will be in place before you arrive on campus.

People You’ll Meet – Residence Life Staff

  • Desk Assistants – student staff members who serve as security monitors, customer service assistants, and reception staff at each Residence Hall and Homer Butler Commons Reception Desks.
  • Resident Assistants – full-time students who serve as community builders, first responders, role models, mediators, and so much more! These staff members reside in the same area/floor that you do, and work to foster a safe and secure living & learning environment.
  • Resident Directors – full-time professional, live-in Academic Professional staff members that provide day-to-day administration, management, and staff supervision of the RA staff and Desk Assistant
    • East Campus Apartments – 217.206.6190
    • Founders Residence Hall – 217.206.8474
    • Lincoln Residence Hall – 217.206.6200
    • West Campus Townhouses – 217.206.6190

Reassignment Requests (Room Changes)

  • In order to adequately prepare for the semester, a freeze is in effect for all reassignment/room change requests until the third Monday after the first day of classes.  No room reassignment requests will be honored until this freeze ends.
  • Reassignment requests are based on occupancy and spaces that are available at the time of request, and are subject to approval.  Reassignment requests based on conflict typically will not be approved until the formal mediation process has been followed.
    • This process requires drafting of a Roommate Agreement, and reviewing of this agreement at subsequent mediation meetings if necessary.
    • All parties are expected to be engaged and active participants in this conflict mediation process.
  • Reassignment Request Form – this is a Google Form, so please be logged into your UIS Google Account

Meal Plan:

  • First Year Students who live in the Residence Halls AND Second Year (Sophomore) returning students are required to purchase a full meal plan (Signature, Gold, or Silver Plan) regardless of housing assignment (including townhouses and/or apartments) as offered through Dining Services.
  • Non-Second Year Students who live in the townhouses and apartments may choose any plan including the smallest option designed with your needs in mind.
    • “Bronze Plan” is the most popular for our Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students and is designed for students who have a kitchen.

Submit a Work Order:

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