Fall Move-In: First Year Freshmen Move-In Schedule

Freshmen Student Move-In Fall 2020

ALL students* are expected to pre-register for a Move In timeslot to allow for a move-in experience that reduces congestion and supports physical distancing for students and their move-in helpers. Space during each timeslot will be limited and offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

You will be able to sign up online for your preferred timeslot starting on Aug. 1. Please watch your email for the sign-up link! You will receive a confirmation email after making your selection. If you need to later adjust your check-in timeslot, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (217) 206-6190 or reslife@uis.edu.

Founders and Lincoln Residence Halls

  • Move-In: Monday, Aug. 17 to Thursday, Aug. 20
  • Check-in Timeslots offered between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Getting to Campus for Move-In Day

For individuals utilizing GPS to arrive on-campus, please direct your GPS to:

2171 University Drive, Springfield, IL 62703

This will take you directly to the parking and check-in staging area, once there our staff will direct you to your designated Residence Hall for check-in.

Driving Directions & Parking Information for Move-In Day for Founders and Lincoln Residence Halls

Check-In for all students who sign up for a check in time between August 17th – August 21st will check in at TRAC.  Those students approved, in advance, for early arrival (prior to Move-In) will receive specific move in instructions via email from the Residence Life Office.

Students assigned to Founders or Lincoln Residence Halls arriving after their designated Move-In Days will need to contact the Residence Life Office for instructions on how to complete their check in.

During the check-in process you will:

  1. Be screened for COVID-19 symptoms, your temperature will be taken, and you will be tested for COVID-19.
  2. Receive a reusable cloth face mask along with disposable masks for your helper.
  3. Receive your parking permit (if you signed up for one in advance).
  4. Check in to Orientation (first year students only).
  5. Receive your room keys and instructions on how to submit your Room Inventory.

Phone Numbers:

  • East Apartments and West Townhouses: (217) 206-6190
  • Lincoln Residence Hall (LRH): (217) 206-6200
  • Founders Residence Hall (FRH): (217) 206-8474

Status of Opening Work Orders and Maintenance

It has truly been a busy spring and summer in the Department of Residence Life. As our maintenance department continues to work diligently to address all maintenance related issues, we would like to let all of our students know that some work on projects may extend into the Fall semester. We ask that when you arrive, if a project is noted on your inventory or by your RA as in progress, or in the queue to be addressed, that you are aware that our maintenance staff will be addressing those issues as soon as possible. We typically address issues on the basis of urgency with safety, security, and basic life functions ranked at the highest priority first, with other concerns after those have been remedied. We thank you for your patience. If you should have any questions regarding the status of your work order, please contact your Resident Director for follow-up.

Request Permission to Arrive Early – Fall 2020:

The Department of Residence Life requests that any resident wishing to arrival early to campus for Fall 2020 review the information below. No requests are approved to arrive earlier than Friday, August 5, 2020.

Fall 2020 housing opens for all freshmen, upperclassmen, transfer and graduate students on August 17, 2020 – August 21, 2020. Prior to these dates, the buildings are not fully staffed and thus cannot provide the safety and security operations necessary to physically open early. We encourage all students to move-in on or after their respective move-in date. Students can always check in after their respective opening date without financial penalty, through the second day of classes. Additionally, some buildings may not be ready for the early arrival process due to facility projects and renovations. If a student’s room/building is impacted by these summer projects then they will not be approved for these reasons.

Students will receive decision notifications of their submitted requests no later than July 31, 2020. Requests will be responded to by email. The deadline to receive requests will be 5:00pm , July 31, 2020.  Students that are approved for early arrival will be held accountable for policies and procedures outlined in the housing contract and may be removed from early arrival housing if violation of the contract occurs. Please note all Residence Life policies (including visitation and no guests) are still in effect during the Early Arrival period.

There are early arrival charges of $25 per night for students to move in early to their residence hall or apartment.*

*Residents who are required to return to campus early for the purposes of CDC Recommended Quarantining (such as recent international travel) will not be charged the Early Arrival Fee but are still required to submit the Early Arrival Request Form.

Additional questions regarding this process can contact Residence Life at 217-206-6190 or email at reslife@uis.edu. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for permission to arrive early for Fall 2020 must be received by July 31, 2020 at 5 PM to receive the $25/night rate.  All requests after this deadline will be considered late request, and if approved, will be charged at the $50/night rate, even if you have not yet received an assignment by this date.