Necessary Steps Mentoring Program

Designed to help first-generation college students adapt to the university environment.

Necessary Steps Mentoring Program (NS) is a program for First-Generation college students that are defined as students whose parents/guardians have not graduated from a four year college or institution. Necessary Steps is designed to assist in the transition from high school to college, as well as, transforming our students into scholars.

Through the program, you will reside in Founders Residence Hall on the Necessary Steps Floor with scholars just like you. The program provides a designated Computer Room and supportive community that will help you learn and grow. In addition, you will receive a Mentor that will be an upperclassman. In connection to the guidance of a Mentor, the program collaborates with a Peer Advisor. The Peer Advisor will assist you with class scheduling and class requirements. The program will offer you academic counsel, social events on and off campus, group discussions, and activities that explore your personal interest, educational goals and successes throughout the year.

 What are the requirements?

  • ACT requirement of a 19 or above.
  • GPA requirement of a 2.5 or above.
  • The student must self-identify as a first generation college student.
  • Personal and Academic Goals Statement.
  • All Necessary Steps students will live in Founder’s Residence Hall on the Necessary Steps Wing.
  • You can be a member of the Necessary Steps Mentoring Program and can participate in programing from the Capital Scholars Honors Program, Leadership For Life, Students Transitioning for Academic Success and Retention (STARS Program) however you cannot be a member of another living learning community.

 How do I apply?

Student must be admitted to the University of Illinois Springfield before completing the Necessary Steps Application. Once the application is approved, you will receive an email confirming your placement within the program.

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