New Student

Incoming Freshmen, Transfer and Graduate Students

We are so excited to welcome you to UIS on-campus housing! A large piece of the UIS experience is living on campus with Residence Life. All UIS students are welcome to make their home on-campus.

Housing Options and Amenities

Security Deposit and Application/Contract Process

Step 1:

Take some time to review our Housing Options, Amenities and our Residency Requirement information. To reserve your space on-campus you must submit a $250 security deposit. This is a refundable $200 deposit and $50 application fee. You can submit your deposit via Debit and Credit Cards via the online Housing Security Deposit Form. If you are mailing in a check or Money Order please utilize the UIS Housing Security Deposit Payment Form. The security deposit cannot be waived, nor deferred.  It is not included in the cost of attendance Financial Assistance provides, and may not be covered by your Financial Assistance Award. For more details, please review our Terms and Conditions.

Online Housing Security Deposit – Debit and Credit Cards

  • Link to online Housing Security Deposit payment form. Please select the $200 deposit and $50 application fee to submit. Once the online form is submitted, your deposit will be processed and you will receive an email Deposit Confirmation Letter.

Housing Security Deposit – Money Order or Check

** If you are applying for Summer Housing, please visit our Summer Housing page for additional information.  A $250 Housing Security Deposit will still need to be submitted with your Housing Application/Contract

Step 2:

We will mail you a deposit confirmation letter once we have processed your security deposit and send you a link to the online Housing Application/Contract. You are legally bound by the Terms and Conditions of your electronically signed Housing Application/Contract. We will be unable to assign you until you have submitted both your Security Deposit and Housing Application/Contract.

You will not be able to fill out the online application/contract if you meet one of the listed criteria below. There is a space for your deposit information on this form. You will not need to fill out the deposit form if completing the paper Housing Application/Contract.

Please fill out the paper Housing Application/Contract if you meet the one of the following criteria:

  • If you have lived on-campus in previous years, or you are a current UIS student living off campus, please fill out our paper Housing Application/Contract and submit it with your $250 security deposit
  • If you are applying after July 15th please fill out the paper Housing Application/Contract and submit it with your $250 security deposit.

Once you Housing Application/Contract is processed, you will be forwarded a deposit confirmation letter. You will not need to fill out the online application/contract as stated in Step 2. Step 4 is still applicable to your application/contract process.

Step 3:

For  Incoming Freshmen ONLY!

Once you have applied, it’s time to pick a roommate! We will send you a link to RoomSync, an app that helps match you with a potential roommate! Once you have found your match, email us your Roommate Request!

  • We do our best to honor all roommate requests. We encourage you to apply early so we are able to match you with your requested roommate. If your requested roommate is assigned to a full unit or is not a part of the same Living Learning Community, we will be unable to honor your roommate request.
  • We do not honor suite mate requests within the residence halls.

Step 4:

You have submitted your Security Deposit, Housing Application/Contract and emailed us your Roommate Request…. Now What?

If you apply no later than June 15th, you will receive your assignment and roommate information by July 10th. If you apply after June 15th, you will receive your assignment and roommate information 30 days before the start of the semester! Connect with your roommate and start planning for Move-In!