Contracts and Forms

Contracts and Related Forms:

Additional Information and Forms:

  • Work Order – Non-Technology – Work order form for all maintenance and upkeep related concerns.
  • Work Order – Technology – Work order form for all internet/wi-fi related concerns.
  • Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal Request Form – This form is for anyone registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) and meets the qualifications for a Service Animal (SA) or Emotional Support Animal (ESA). This form must be filled out and signed by an ODS representative and a DRL representative for the SA or ESA to be approved to bring to campus.

Deadlines for Cancelling/Modifying Applications and Contracts

Current/prospective residents MUST modify housing contracts before the dates shown below or you will be charged for placement in housing.

  • Fall Semester – May 15
  • Spring Semester – November 15
  • Summer Semester – April 15
  • Prospective Residents may apply for UIS housing anytime regardless of the above dates.
  • Contract Cancellation Request Form

Technical Support and Software