Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintaining the buildings which lodge students can present some interesting challenges.  The majority of students living on campus maintain a good home.  However, there are times when a few may contribute to excessive wear and tear, vandalism and at times even theft.  All of these behaviors contribute to higher maintenance costs and take away from the ability to invest and improve in our buildings.  When you witness a problem caused by another student, you are encouraged to inform Residence Life staff.  Keep in mind, without your assistance, the cost of living on campus rises significantly.  Under reporting or the lack of reporting of problems within the residency contribute to rising costs as well.

When you are experiencing a mechanical problem in your residency, the first line of communication to Residence Life is speaking with your RA, RD or a work order.  The work order link can be found on the department website.  From there your request is reviewed and assigned to the appropriate labor personnel to handle the problem.  Many of the work orders received are items in which the individual is in a position to address the problem on their own as quickly as they like.  In these situations, an email may be sent to the student explaining what they can do to solve their own problem.  For work orders where unnecessary labor is used to resolve a student caused and student self correcting matter, there may be a charge associated with the work order.