All residential areas of UIS Residence Life support a laundry area for student use.  Each court of the townhouse and apartment complexes has a laundry facility.  Each Residence Hall has laundry facilities on each floor of the building.  All machines are maintained by our outside contractor, CSC ServiceWorks.

All laundry services are FREE! Just select your cycle and push start! To keep the laundry services free, please secure all laundry room doors to ensure only residents can utilize the laundry facilities.

How to activate the laundry machines:

  1. Check the Laundry View app to see which machines are open before heading to the laundry room.
  2. Once you have identified a machine, fill it with the items to be laundered.
  3. Do not over load the machine.  Overloading the machine will have an adverse effect on your clothes including, but not limited to:
    • Clothes retaining soap after rinse cycle
    • Clothes not drying
    • Clothes being damaged 
  4. Select your cycle and push start!
  5. Check Laundry View for when your machine is done to change it over to the dryer.
  6. To activate the dryer, select your cycle and push start!

Helpful Hints for Care of Your Clothing

  • Read labels for care of your garments.  If an item says “Dry Clean Only” then the materials and fabric used to make the garment was intended for a gentle wash cycle with little water.  Not following the care instructions could damage your clothing.
  • Separate your whites, bright colors, dark colors and jeans; dress shirts and pants should be separated as well if you are not dry cleaning.
  • Select proper wash cycle
    • Wash Whites – In hot water and rinse in cold water (normal cycle)
    • Wash Bright Colors – In cold water and rinse in cold water (normal cycle)
    • Wash Dark Colors – In cold water and rinse in cold water (normal cycle)
    • Wash Jeans – In warm or cold water and rinse in cold water (normal cycle)
    • Wash Dress Shirts/Pants – In cold water and rinse in cold water (delicate cycle)
  • Use High Efficiency laundry detergent.  Fabric softener and dryer sheets are optional. Follow directions on the label of the detergent and use correct measurements.  Adding too much detergent will not get your clothes cleaned and will leave them filled with soap.  Concentrated detergents do not require a full cap full unless specifically stated.  
  • Do not stuff or overfill the machines.  If the agitator inside the basket of the washer cannot rotate, then your clothes will not get cleaned. Furthermore you run the risk of fire from the belt heating up from spinning around the base and spindle trying to rotate the agitator. 
  • Dry clothes in the same separate piles you created to washed.  Stuffing the dryer will not only keep your clothes from drying, but will waste your money and your time.

Recommendations for Use of Machines:

  • All washing machines are High Efficiency (HE) machines, so please utilize HE liquid detergent or pods.
  • When utilizing pods, please place them directly into the washer with the clothes. Please do NOT place pods within the laundry detergent dispenser.
  • Accurately measure soap to avoid producing too much suds
  • Report machine malfunctions to the 800-number provided, through a work order or to a staff member.

Helpful Videos: