Facilities and Operations Student Staff

The Department of Residence Life employs students in a variety of ways to assist with Facilities and Operations related tasks.  Typically these include Cleaning Crew and Snow Crew members.

Cleaning Crew – The Student Cleaning Team staff is made up of student employees responsible for the upkeep, cleaning, preparation and presentation of Housing & Residential Life property.  Cleaning Crew operates year round.

  • Vacant apartment, townhouse or residence hall units/rooms,
  • Bedrooms within apartments and townhouses
  • Bathrooms within apartments, townhouses, residence halls and/or commons building,
  • Trash and recycling removal,
  • Pick-up, delivery and storing of university related items,
  • Other areas are assigned (i.e. office space, storage areas, etc)

Snow Crew – The Student Snow Crew staff is made up of student employees responsible for snow and ice removal during periods of inclement weather.  Snow Crew operates during winter months.

  • Shoveling of snow from walkways, stairs, decks, doorways and portions of parking lots
  • Chipping of ice to reduce slippage, sliding, falls and slickness of ground
  • Spreading of salt, sand, ice melt manually and mechanically
  • Operating powered and non-powered snow removal equipment, shovel and spreader

Recruitment for these two positions take place at various times throughout the year via the University’s Career Connect system.