Residents must properly complete a move-out at the time they vacate any student housing unit and any time they move into a different space.

To complete a proper move-out, the resident must do the following:

  1. During periods NOT at the end of the semester, schedule a traditional check-out appointment or request an express check-out with your area’s front desk at least one business day in advance. This can be done by calling your area’s office. (See phone numbers below.) Times for traditional check-outs (with staff present) can be completed Monday-Friday between 8pm-11:59pm or 10am-9pm on Saturdays or Sundays.  Express check-outs are available on demand via the express check-out envelope system.
  2. Remove all personal possessions from the unit and complete all cleaning prior to the scheduled move-out time.
  3. Work with roommates or personally clean entire living space. Your cleaning and damage charges are based off of conditions at time of move-out. If roommates will remain in the space it is imperative that the apartment/residence hall room is still cleaned for your move-out.
  4. Be present at the scheduled move-out time for a complete inventory of the apartment and its condition.
  5. Surrender all keys issued.
  6. Provide the USPS with a forwarding address.
  7. Sign the completed check-out form or express check-out envelope acknowledging the transfer of all appropriate keys.
  8. If you are leaving before your contract has completed, please submit a contract cancellation request (please note this is a request, and if denied you will remain financially responsible for your space). Just completing your move-out is not sufficient.

Damage Summary:

After a student has moved out of their assigned unit, a damage summary is sent to the student’s UIS email account via their Resident Director. The summary includes information about the student’s checkout, including type of checkout, list of damages and charges (if applicable), information relating to the appeal process, deposit processing, etc. If a student has not received a damage summary within 10 business days after their checkout, they are to contact their designated Resident Director.

Damage Summary Example


List of Charges:

Dates to be aware of:

Phone Numbers:

  • East Apartments and West Townhouses: (217) 206-6190
  • Founders Hall: (217) 206-8474
  • Lincoln Hall: (217) 206-6200