Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I move in for Fall?



What can & should I bring when living in the residence halls

Welcome to college life! Remember that you cannot bring everything you own from your bedroom at home. The link below sends you to a pdf copy of the list that was distributed at Orientation that suggests what you can & should bring along with what you cannot and should not bring.



How do I move-in?

You will receive an email from the Department of Residence Life which will let you know important information for Move-In. If you are a new student, when you arrive for move-in you will be sent through a move-in process. Please follow any instruction that you received from the Department of Residence Life in the mail.




How do I request a roommate?

Roommates can be chosen as long as it is a mutual decision between both parties. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • Place the name of the desired roommate on the application.
  • If your application has already been submitted, then you will need to email the Residence Life office ( to make the request. Both students requesting to room together must each submit an email requesting one another for the request to be honored.


How do I request a different living space?

Space changes are conducted as a last resort for students not happy with their space. We encourage students to attempt to work out roommate differences, utilize their Resident Assistants, and/or contact their Resident Director. If a situation calls for a space change then you will need to contact your Resident Director for assistance.