Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How do I apply for housing?

A   If you are a UIS Student, you will need to follow the New Student Application/Contract Process.

If you are a Non-UIS Student applying to live on campus, you will need to follow the Non-UIS Student Application/Contract Process. (UIC Nursing students, Interns, Visiting Scholars, UIS Faculty/Staff and Guests)

Q   When do I receive my assignment and roommate information?

A   If you apply before June 15th, you will receive your assignment and roommate information by July 10th.

If you apply housing after June 15th, you will receive your assignment and roommate information 30 days before the official Move-In date.

Q   How do I contact my roommate?

A   Click on your assignment via the Student Housing Portal. Your roommate/suite mates names will appear in blue. If you click on their names it will provide you with their UIS email address.

Q   When can I move in for Fall?

A   For the latest information on Move-In, please check out our Move-In page. 

Q   What can & should I bring when living in the residence halls

A   Welcome to college life! Remember that you cannot bring everything you own from your bedroom at home. The link below sends you to a pdf copy of the list that was distributed at Orientation that suggests what you can & should bring along with what you cannot and should not bring.

Q   How do I move-in?

A   You will receive an email from the Department of Residence Life which will let you know important information for Move-In. If you are a new student, when you arrive for move-in you will be sent through a move-in process. Please follow any instruction that you received from the Department of Residence Life in the mail.


Q   How do I request a roommate?

A   Roommates can be chosen as long as it is a mutual decision between both parties. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. Incoming UIS students can request a roommate when submitting your Online Application/Contract. You will need the student’s UIN to submit your request. If you do not have the student’s UIN, then please contact the Residence Life office to make the request. Non-UIS students can request by referencing a students name on the hard copy of the Housing Application/Contract. This information is located on the second page of the Application/Contract.
  2. If your application has already been submitted, then you will need to email the Residence Life office ( to make the request. Both students requesting to room together must each submit an email requesting one another for the request to be honored.

Please keep in mind, Residence Life does not honor suite mate requests in the residence halls.


 How do I request a different living space?

A   Reassignment Requests are conducted as a last resort for students not happy with their space. We encourage students to attempt to work out roommate differences, utilize their Resident Assistants, and/or contact their Resident Director. If a situation calls for a space change then you will need to contact your Resident Director for assistance.

  I am a sophomore/second-year resident and I want to live in the townhouses. How can I be reassigned to the townhouses? 

A   Residence Life must ensure all residence hall spaces in both buildings are full before allowing Second Year Returning students to move to the townhouses due to the amount of money the University owes on the residence hall spaces. If we do not receive enough freshmen applicants to occupy the residence halls, then all SYRI residents will remain assigned to Founders Residence Hall.

Only Second Year students can reside in the SYRI designed courts together. Criteria for consideration is available on the Room Selection FAQ Document. Additionally, to be considered for reassignment, SYRI students need to fill out a the SYRI Reassignment/Space Change Request Form.

Q   What is my address? 

A   Please see our list of mailing addresses for our residential areas. When shipping something to your on-campus address, please use your full name and list your unit/room number on Address Line 2.

If you need an Address Verification, please stop by the Residence Life office located in HCOM.

Q   Where do I pick-up my packages? 

A   If you are residing in the Residence Halls, you will be able to retrieve your package(s) at the front desk in your respective residence hall. If you are residing in the Apartments or Townhouses, you will be able to retrieve your package(s) at the HCOM package room.

You will need a picture ID to pick-up your package.

We hold packages for 2 weeks. If they are not claimed by the second week, they are returned to the sender.

If you are unable to claim your package, please contact the Department of Residence Life (

Q   Can I bring my car to campus? If so, do I need a parking pass?

A   All residents have the ability to bring their car to campus. Our parking lots are next to or within sight of your residence. To park your car on campus, you do need a parking hang tag. You can purchase a hang tag via Parking Operations. They will also provide a map of places your car will be authorized to park without receiving a ticket.