Undergraduate Research Badge Program

The Research Badge Program

Undergraduate research, scholarly and creative activities have been shown to help students succeed in college and in their careers.  According to Astin (1993) “the two most important factors in student cognitive and effective development, satisfaction, and learning are the nature of students’ peer groups and the quality and quantity of their interactions with faculty outside of the classroom” (italics added). The Undergraduate Research Certificate (URC) program at UIS is specifically designed to prepare students for a faculty-mentored original project outside of the classroom.  It is based on introducing students to basic research skills, as identified in the Research Skills Development rubric.

The Research Badge program won’t show up on your academic transcript. But it will demonstrate to faculty mentors that you are motivated to take your academic career to the next level through an #ExperienceEngaged project.

Program Requirements

Research Component Training Opportunity Required (R) or Elective (E)
Introduction to research Workshop in UNI 103 or “Research, Wings & Other Things” or “Learning Beyond Walls” R
Employ primary and secondary sources Learning Hub workshop in UNI 103 E
Analyze texts and/or data E
Find scholarly sources Library workshop in UNI 103 R
Critically evaluate sources John Laubersheimer E
Write with professional style Learning Hub workshop in UNI 103 or Stephanie Hedge – abstracts R
Present with professional style Workshop in UNI 103 or “View It and Do It” workshop R
Consider ethics of scholarly practice AIC workshop in UNI 103 R
Complete IRB/Animal Care etc. proposals CITI training E
Write project proposals IRB workshop E
Research opportunities “Meet Your Mentor” workshop R


To earn a UIS Undergraduate Student Research Badge, students need to compete the six required workshops and at least one of the elective workshops. Workshops are delivered throughout the year, as part of a course or a stand-alone event.  Participation will be tracked and students will complete a form on the URSP website to apply for the certificate. Students who earn the certificate will be added to a database available to faculty and encouraged to find a mentor so that they may complete an original project.

The URC was developed in collaboration with the Students Transitioning for Academic Retention and Success program and implemented in the UNI 103 Academic Success course, but is now available to all undergraduate students, on campus and online.


Astin, Alexander W. (1993) What matters in college? :four critical years revisited San Francisco : Jossey-Bass.


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