Topics and Mentors

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UIS Research Centers and Academic Facilities

The following faculty have expressed an interest in mentoring an undergraduate student in a research, scholarly or creative activity. Students are encouraged to contact a faculty member directly, using the department link.

Faculty Name



genetics of the chambered nautilus


Economic History, Economic Reforms


Number Theory, q-series, work inspired by Ramanujan


C and N dynamics in restored wetlands

YouTube: Hua Chen Studies Climate Change in Ecosystems


Asian American literature and culture, children’s literature, comics and graphic narratives

YouTube: What The Graphic Novel Teaches About Social Issues

YouTube: Lan Dong Studies Asian American Literature and Culture


archaeology, landscape history, European prehistory

YouTube: Students Study Ancient Farming in Germany


Political philosophy, social theory, history of ideology

YouTube: Richard Gilman-Opalsky Researches Political Philosophy and Social Change


Business Administration


Social Work in cross-cultural contexts, Survey Research, Action Research


biochemistry of toxins, mass spectroscopy of proteins

Advancement @ Illinois Springfield



Women’s Studies, Antebellum US History


green chemistry, ionic liquids


Contemporary analytic metaphysics, liberal multiculturalism


microbial communities, aquatic ecology

YouTube: UIS Biology Professor Michael Lemke Studies Biodiversity in Brazil


analyzing stellar explosions with Hubble

YouTube: John Martin Studies the Large Star Eta Carinae


tallgrass prairie restoration and management


Social-Emotional Development, Temperament, Early School Readiness


Green organic chemistry, antimicrobial plant extracts ganizational climate

UIS People-Morsch, Layne


Literature, Theology and Art History (mainly painting and sculpture)

UIS People-Neginsky, Rosina


Attention, Emotion, and electroencephalography (EEG)


Strategic management in a supply chain context



Maritime History, Pirates, Japan, Eastern Asian Popular Culture, Military History


Counseling Psychology, Multicultural and Diversity Issues, Asian American Psychology

YouTube: Frances Shen Researches the Impact of Stereotypes on Asian Americans


Music research projects, anthropology/sociology of music, social justice issues


Non-traditional students, motivation, barriers to education


DNA barcodes for oak species, Plant Molecular Biology, Molecular Evolution, Antimicrobial Properties of Plant Extracts

YouTube: Professor Lucia Vazquez



Social psychology, self-enhancement, person perception, sport psychology



Each department at UIS has different opportunities for students to engage in the research process. Speak to your academic advisor for specific details in your program.

For example, some departments have separate independent research courses (CHE 400, BIO 400). Others have a research methods course followed by an independent study course (PSY 302…). In some programs, a research project is required for departmental honors (eg. PSC). And the CAP Honors program requires each student to complete an interdisciplinary project for their senior thesis.

Whether or not your program offers a course in research, you can still earn college credit through Internship Services. The Internships and Prior Learning Services office has information on local internships that involve original research projects. Some of these internships pay students, and all of them qualify for ECCE Engagement Experience credit. You can even design your own internship project  with a UIS faculty member to participate in research on campus.


The Undergraduate Research Certificate is available from our office for students who complete research skills training, whether through course work or workshops or a combination.  Complete description of the certification program is available on our website.

Local Opportunities

Faculty collaborate with several local off-campus researchers. Opportunities are listed in the UIS Internships office.

  • Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield

Contact Kristi Katcher (kkatcher@siumed.edu) in the Office of the Associate Dean for Research


UIS is a proud member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts and Colleges, which publishes a fall and spring edition of Metamorphosis: A Journal of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity. As a COPLAC member campus, UIS may submit outstanding student work for publication in Metamorphosis.  Student work must be reviewed and approved by the URSP Committee, and will be submitted through the office of Undergraduate Research, not directly from the student.

Additional resources available through COPLAC are the Regional URSCA Conferences and Multi-campus Digital Liberal Arts Research Seminars. The research seminars cap at 12 students and applicants must be approved by their home campus.

Off-Campus Opportunities

Apply today for funding or research internships:

International Opportunities

The UIS Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships lists international and study away opportunities, which can include research programs.

Conferences and Publications

  • Undergraduate Research Commons A showcase of outstanding undergraduate research.
  • International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities This journal represents a grass-roots effort to support and advance undergraduate scholarship in all academic disciplines at institutions across the country and around the world.
  • ISAS The Illinois Academy of Science, which hosts an annual meeting where undergraduate students can present their research.
  • Journal of Student Research The Journal of Student Research is an electronic, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal devoted to the rapid dissemination of current research.
  • NCUR  National Conferences on Undergraduate Research. Publishes proceedings.
  • Check with your advisor about disciplinary conferences.
  • Metamorphosis Metamorphosis is an online journal of undergraduate research published by COPLAC. Up to two students per semester from a member institution may be published. Contact Dr. Lucia Vazquez for instructions on how to submit a manuscript.
  • Online Learning Journals The UIS Center for Online Learning,  Research and Service provides links to a wide variety of online learning journals.
  • Fine Focus The first microbiology research journal for undergraduate students.
  • Sigma Xi the Student Research Conference for the national scientific research honor society.