Undergraduate Student Conference Presentations

2014 National Conference on Undergraduate Research

For the first time, UIS sent a contingent of students to present at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. The 28th annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research is a program of the Council on Undergraduate Research and was held at the University of Kentucky April 3-5, 2014. Students were selected to submit abstracts from UIS in a competitive process by the Undergraduate Research Steering Committee. All seven students were accepted by the national conference committee. The students represented multiple programs and colleges. Jesse Britz, a chemistry major, studied the use of iron nanoparticles for removing nitrate pollutants with Dr. Keenan Dungey. Nathan Hoyle used geographic information systems to map tree diversity on campus with Environmental Studies professor Dr. Dennis Ruez. Wesley Hill, a psychology major, worked with Dr. Carrie Switzer to study the spread of urban legends. Sophia Pham, a chemistry major working with biology professor Dr. Hua Chen, studied the greenhouse gases at Emiquon. Two students will present from the research group of Dr. Frances Shen in psychology. Brittany Sievers studied the role of religious commitment in college student stress. Brianna Werner studied the perceptions of the college experience by veterans. Nicholas Decker, a biology major, explored enzyme inhibitors with chemistry professor Dr. Layne Morsch.