Example Abstracts – Creative Work


“Rustic”: A Creative Writing Reading

Anna Muse* and Felicia Poet (Mentor), Department of English

“Rustic” is a creative work in which place plays an integral role. The unnamed protagonist, known only by his address, has been mysteriously ousted from his house, forbidden to have any contact with his wife or children. For weeks he subsists on the trash he scavenges, the grass he pulls from fields and the generosity of the other estranged men who form their own mini-society, a primitive camp, not far from where their loved ones still live. Throughout the piece the interior of the house remains the focus of the narrator’s obsession while affronted with the indignity of a harsher, baser life outside civilization. This theme is doubled through the conflict in which the men speak in over-inflated exchanges and squabble over political intrigue, etc. The protagonist pursues a connection with his children to his own detriment, for he soon discovers a force keeping the men separated from their families. Eventually he discovers a connection to his own children through their art: at the conclusion of the story he finds himself painted on the back of his old house.


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