Example Abstract – Art Exhibit

StARS 2014 4

Urban Surrealism

Phil Painter* and Peter Picasso (Mentor), Department of Visual Arts

The content in my work reflects on the mysteries of what a door holds: it’s an adventure to explore unfamiliar limitations and create a memoir of a particlar time of growth. I consider my works of art a mixture of urban influences and surrealism – always eclectic. Constructing from destruction is as important strategy for me. I use found objects that can be seen and used every day. I incorporate paint into all of my works and then assemble plywood and other materials, to construct various installations. Assimilating diverse materials into these environments transforms a utopian fairytale into an ominous landscape. I hope for the individuals who walk into these environments to be able to react whimsically, as a child would. Currently, am most influenced by one particular childhood film: Alice in Wonderland. This environment will include the famous Mad Hatter and his Mad Tea Party with riddles and beverages. This work explores the illusion of gateway-portals, doors that lead an individual from the real world into a dream world or visa versa. It is an erotic-voluptuous fantasy escape.