Under certain circumstances, subcontracts and consultant agreements can be processed through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Please see the OBFS Manual for guidance, or note the following statement:

Subcontract Under a Sponsored Agreement

Sponsored Agreements funded by the United States government or other sponsors may include a named subcontractor for the provision of specific professional or artistic services, including consulting services.

Procurement of such services does not require the same documentation as other purchasing procedures if the subcontractor is specifically named in the original grant proposal or award, or if the sponsor provides other written approval of the specifically named contractor.

Any subcontract of a project effort under a grant or contract funded by the United States government or other sponsors is handled by the ORSPAgreements for such effort must be bilateral and include provisions as required by the University and the sponsor’s award document.

Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) (awards < $5,000) and Subaward Contracts (awards > $5,000) meeting the above criteria can be initiated by clicking on the links below.