Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award

Outstanding Master's PhotoEach fall, each UIS graduate program may nominate one thesis or project for this award.

Nominations are due September 22, 2017. NominationGuidelines.pdf By November 1 the Research Board selects and Outstanding Master’s Thesis or Project, using criteria as outlined in Scholarship Assessed, (Glassick et. al.)

Outstanding Master Thesis 2014-15

The evaluation criteria include:

Clear Goals

  • Does the scholar state the basic purposed of his or her work clearly?
  • Does the scholar define objectives that are realistic and achievable?
  • Does the scholar identify important questions in the field?

Adequate Preparation

  • Does the scholar show an understanding of existing scholarship in the field?
  • Does the scholar bring the necessary skills to his or her work?
  • Does the scholar bring together the resources necessary to move the project forward?

Appropriate Methods

  • Does the scholar use methods appropriate to the goals?
  • Does the scholar apply effectively the methods selected?
  • Does the scholar modify procedures in response to changing circumstances?

Significant Results

  • Does the scholar achieve the goals?
  • Does the scholars’ work add consequentially to the field?
  • Does the scholar’s work open additional areas for further exploration?

Effective Presentation

  • Does the scholar use a suitable style and effective organization to present his or her work?
  • Does the scholar use appropriate forums for communicating work to its intended audiences?
  • Does the scholar present his or her message with clarity and integrity?

Reflective Critique

  • Does the scholar critically evaluate his or her own work?
  • Does the scholar bring an appropriate breadth of evidence to his or her critique?
  • Does the scholar use evaluation to improve the quality of future work?

The thesis chosen as the campus’ Outstanding Master’s Thesis is forwarded to the Midwest Association of Graduate School’s (MAGS) annual Outstanding Master’s Thesis competition. A reception honoring all departmental nominees and their faculty mentors is held early in the spring semester. Please note that Master’s Projects are ineligible for MAGS submission

Questions regarding this process should be directed to Grants, Contracts and Research Administration.