Research Safety

Research safety is of priority at the University of Illinois Springfield. Safety is the responsibility of everyone on campus: faculty, staff, and students.  The safety roles for each member of the institution are described in the policies and procedures of the Research Safety program.

Instructional and Research Safety Board

The Instructional and Research Safety Board is responsible for oversight of the campus research safety program.

IRSB Members

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Institutional Effectiveness, ex officio

Associate Chancellor of Administrative Affairs, Facilities and Services, ex officio

Director of Research Administration, Chair

Environmental Health and Safety Officer

Biosafety Officer

Chemical Hygiene Officer

Chair, ICCUA

Chair, IRB

Director, Field Stations

Director, Barber Observatory

Director, Innovate Springfield

Policies and Procedures

Faculty Staff Manual (pdf)

Field Safety


The most recent policies and waiver forms for students involved in university-sponsored travel, such as field trips, can be found on the UIS Student Affairs staff information website.

Laboratory Safety Committee

Formerly a committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, membership includes a representative for each department that has a laboratory program. Its mission is to assist the campus in compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations and to promote a safe working environment for students and employees. This Committee provides input for revisions to the UIS Chemical Hygiene Plan and Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan.

Chemical Hygiene Plan (pdf)

Questions about the Chemical Hygiene Plan at UIS should be addressed to Marc Klingshirn, the Chemical Hygiene Officer.

Chemical Waste Disposal Request Form (xls)

Waste Management Overview

Questions or concerns about the Research Safety program at UIS should be addressed to Ravneet Chhokar, the  Environmental Health and Safety Officer.

Call the campus emergency number for immediate response to an emergency situation in the laboratory:
(217) 206-7777