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Information about Working Remotely

The University of Illinois Springfield considers working remotely (or telecommuting) to be a viable alternative work arrangement in cases where individual, job and supervisor characteristics are suited to such an arrangement. Working remotely allows an employee to work at home, or other approved remote location, for all or a part of their regular workweek. Working remotely is a voluntary work alternative that may be appropriate for some employees and some jobs in certain situations like the present. It is not an entitlement; it is not a University-wide benefit; and it does not change the terms and conditions of employment with the University of Illinois Springfield.

Information about Desktop Computers

Computers should stay on for employees who want to use a remote desktop connection. ITS pushed a group policy to prevent computers from going into sleep mode (sleep mode prevents users from establishing a remote connection). Employees who are on campus should reboot their computers before they leave to ensure they get the group policy. Employees who will not be remoting into their office computers may shut them down. They will receive any necessary updates whenever they turn their computer back on.

Office Phone Forwarding

ITS has designed an application that allows employees to forward/unforward their office phones to another number (a home number, for example). This service can be done on or off campus, from any device including a mobile device.

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UIS COVID-19 Remote Work Guidelines

These guidelines outline the terms and conditions under which UIS employees will be allowed to work from a remote location during the public health crisis created by the COVID-19 virus and are subject to supervisory approval. These guidelines are effective immediately and will continue until further communication.

  1. The employee shall provide the address of the remote work location to their immediate supervisor.
  2. The employee must be available during their normal work hours through such methods as phone, Skype, email, etc., and agrees to respond within a reasonable timeframe.
  3. Employee-initiated schedule changes must be approved by the immediate supervisor.
  4. Work hours, overtime compensation, use of sick leave, and use of vacation must be approved in advance and in accordance with UIS policies and procedures, departmental guidelines, and/or applicable collective bargaining agreements.
  5. The duties, obligations, responsibilities and conditions of the employee remain unchanged. The employee’s salary, retirement, vacation/sick leave benefits and insurance coverage shall remain the same.
  6. Employee and immediate supervisor must discuss the specific duties and assignments to be performed at a remote location. The managing supervisor reserves the right to adjust work assignments as necessary to meet university needs.
  7. Employee and immediate supervisor will have regular, daily communication to monitor the progress of work.
  8. The employee agrees to remain accessible during designated work hours, and understands that UIS reserves the right to modify these guidelines due to business necessity.
  9. UIS will not be responsible for costs associated with the initial set up of the remote work location such as remodeling, lighting or the cost of utilities.
  10. Pursuant to Workers’ Compensation Procedures and Responsibilities, injuries sustained by the employee while at their remote work location and in conjunction with their regular work duties are normally covered by the university’s workers’ compensation policy. Employees are responsible for notifying the employer of such injuries in accordance with the university’s workers’ compensation procedures. The employee is liable for any injuries sustained by visitors to their remote work location.
  11. The employee will provide a secure location for UIS‐owned equipment and materials and will not use, or allow others to use, such equipment for purposes other than UIS business. All equipment, records and materials provided by UIS shall remain UIS property. The employee agrees to allow the university reasonable access to its equipment and materials.
  12. The employee will implement the steps for good information security in the remote work setting and will check with their supervisor when security matters are an issue. The employee will abide by applicable UIS IT Policies Procedures and Guidelines.
  13. The employee agrees to use university-owned equipment, records, and materials for purposes of university business only and to protect them against unauthorized or accidental access, use, modification, destruction, or disclosure. The employee agrees to report to the supervisor instances of loss, damage, or unauthorized access at the earliest reasonable opportunity.


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