Spring Registration Information

Before trying to register, please review the checklist below to be sure you have everything you will need to successfully register for classes.

1. PRIOR TO REGISTERING, you MUST establish or know your NetID and password.

  • If you have questions, contact the UIS Technology center by calling (217) 206-7357 or emailing techsupport@uis.edu. You will need to provide your complete name, campus, email address, phone number, hours that are best to contact you, and the website where you experienced the problem.

2. PRIOR TO REGISTERING, you MUST be considered active in our computer system.

  • New UIS Students – All newly admitted graduate, transfer, and non-degree students are considered active and are ready to register.
  • Continuing UIS Students – Continuing students who did not attend UIS in at least one of the previous three semesters (summer is considered a semester) must be reactivated before they can register.

Click here for reactivation information. Please be sure to allow at least one full business day following the submission of your request. If you have any questions, please contact Registration by calling (217) 206-6174 or emailing registrar@uis.edu.

3. PRIOR TO REGISTERING, you MUST have a Registration Time Ticket.

A “Time Ticket” is the earliest day/time you will be able to register online for a given semester. Time tickets are assigned automatically by the system. Students who do not register on their designated date may register anytime after the designated date. Click here for information on how to obtain your time ticket. If you have questions, please contact Registration (217-206-6174 or registrar@uis.edu).

Voter RegistrationForms are Available online.
If you are not already registered, please take a moment and register to vote.

Please contact Registration with any questions: