FERPA Tutorial a Brief Review

Main Points:

  • You are responsible for protecting student data in your possession.
  • Educational records may not be released without the written consent of the student.
  • Individual directory information may be released without written consent, except when the student has filed a “Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information Form.” Suppressed information may not be released.
  • University employees may access and use private educational records only as necessary to conduct official business that is related to the educational interests of the student.
  • Student data should not be emailed unless it is encrypted.
    Take appropriate measures to protect student records that are stored on personal computers and local networks.
  • If in doubt, do not release information about a student. Refer requests to the Office of Records and Registration.
  • If you have questions about FERPA, contact the Office of Records and Registration.

For a visual aid to understanding the appropriate release of student information, see the decision flow diagram. The diagram will open in a separate window. To print the diagram, set your print options for 8.5″ x 14″ paper with landscape orientation.

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