Graduation, Degree Audits, Diplomas,
and Commencement

Contact Graduation staff at (217) 206-7730 for questions about graduation, degree audits, diplomas, or the annual commencement ceremony.


Contact the Records staff at (217) 206-6709 for the following information:

  • UIS StudentsNeed to know if a grade or grade change has been received and/or recorded or how to make a grade change?
  • Have a question about a class list or a grade sheet, repeating a course, or questions about incompletes?
  • Need to order a transcript?
  • Want to make an address or name change?
  • Need verification of registration, enrollment certification?


Contact Registration staff at (217) 206-6174 for more information about the following:

  • Have questions about either on-campus or off-campus registration?
  • Need to withdraw from the University?
  • Need information about tuition and fees assessments, refunds, etc.?
  • Want to add or drop a course?

Reporting Requests, System Access,
and System Training – Faculty and Staff

Information pertaining to faculty/staff reporting requests, requests for access to student information systems, and requests for student system training can be found on the Faculty Use Only website.


Information regarding in-state and out-of-state residency issues for the University of Illinois can be found on the University-Wide Student Programs website.  To receive additional information or for further questions regarding residency, please contact the Office of Admissions at (217) 206-4847.

Study Abroad

Students who will be studying abroad through the Global Experience Program will register for one of the Global Experience courses. Additional information can be found on the Global Experience Program website.