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The Public Policy B.A. program at UIS is located within the department of Political Science and instructed by faculty and practitioners with diverse public policy expertise. The Public Policy Bachelor’s Degree curriculum offers comprehensive training in the field of public policy, including applied policy implementation and program evaluation, which is especially important given the program’s location in the state capital of Illinois.

Students interested in careers as lawmakers, policy analysts, legislative aides, community activists, lobbyists, graduate study of public policy, and attorneys are encouraged to apply. The program’s two-track BA degree option offers an emphasis in American Public Policy or Comparative/International Public Policy, equipping students with the specialized skills desired to pursue advanced studies in public policy, political science, law, and public management.

The Public Policy Bachelor’s Degree curriculum addresses questions surrounding the ethics of policy-making, the conditions in which policies are made, how programs should be implemented, and whether they are effective. Courses provide in-depth consideration of health, education, labor law, social welfare, environmental, or agricultural policy while equipping students with the tools to participate in the advocacy, drafting, and analysis of public policy.

Practical experience is enhanced by the degree requirement that students complete a six credit-hour internship with a local government or policymaking agency as part of the Public Policy Bachelor’s Degree curriculum. Internships are designed to introduce students to various post-graduate professional options and can be tailored to students’ unique policy interests. Students will be assisted in obtaining internship opportunities.