MPH Course Rotation Schedule

MPH Graduate Course Schedule

ALL graduate core courses are offered both online and on campus every semester.
Except MPH EH the two Core Courses are Offered only online and only in the fall

  • MPH 449 (CHE 465): Environmental Toxicology
  • MPH 527: Environmental Risk Assessment

However, elective courses are rotated between the fall and spring terms.

Elective Course Rotation List

Note: MPH Electives Courses are subject to change based on student demand and faculty availability.

Fall 2017 Elective Courses- All electives are offered online only this term.

Course       Course title


MPH 222- Global Public Health : Population, Poverty and Pollution
MPH 224- Epidemiology; Science of Disease Discovery
MPH 402- Food and Health

MPH 408- Addiction
MPH 438- Monsters, Medicine and myths (Students need a Netflix account)
MPH 449- Environmental Toxicology
MPH 478- Crisis in Environmental Health
MPH 450- ECCE: Chemicals and the Citizen

MPH 488- Occupational Health and Safety Policy
MPH 526- Risk Communication

MPH 527- Environmental Risk Assessment

MPH 575- Health Economics


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