MPH Course Rotation Schedule

MPH Graduate Course Schedule

Core  Courses

ALL graduate common core courses are offered online every semester.

The ON CAMPUS course schedule is

  • Spring terms:  MPH 506,  MPH 521, MPH 561 and MPH 581
  • Fall terms: MPH 503, MPH 511,  MPH 531 and MPH 581


The two additional Environmental Health Concentration Core Courses are offered only online and only in the fall:

  • MPH 449 (CHE 465): Environmental Toxicology
  • MPH 527: Environmental Risk Assessment


Elective courses are rotated between the fall and spring terms.

Elective Course Rotation List

Note: MPH Electives Courses are subject to change based on student demand and faculty availability.

Fall 2017 Elective Courses- All electives are offered online only this term.

Course       Course title


MPH 222- Global Public Health : Population, Poverty and Pollution
MPH 224- Epidemiology; Science of Disease Discovery
MPH 402- Food and Health

MPH 408- Addiction
MPH 438- Monsters, Medicine and myths (Students need a Netflix account)
MPH 449- Environmental Toxicology
MPH 478- Crisis in Environmental Health
MPH 450- ECCE: Chemicals and the Citizen

MPH 488- Occupational Health and Safety Policy
MPH 526- Risk Communication

MPH 527- Environmental Risk Assessment

MPH 575- Health Economics


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