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 Public Health Faculty

Dr. Josiah Alamu, MPH Chair picture Josiah Alamu, Ph.D
Associate Professor and Chair, Public Health Department
Office: PAC 320
Phone: 217-206-8485
e-mail: jalam3@uis.edu

Dr. Josiah Alamu received his PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Iowa (2009) and his MPH from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (2003). He completed his undergraduate degree in pharmacy from the Obafemi Awolowo University Ife, Nigeria in 1994 after working as an Environmental Health Officer with the Ministry of Health Ibadan, Nigeria. He has his Diploma in Public Health from the School of Health Technology, Ilea, Nigeria in 1987. Dr. Alamu lectured basic sciences, introduction to epidemiology, and waste management at School of Public Health – Gambia College Brian, The Gambia between 1998 and 2001. Dr. Alamu’s interest is in epidemiology of anti microbial use, recreational drug use/abuse, and hepatitis C.


Dorine J. Brand, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Office: PAC 352
Phone: 217-206-7874
e-mail: dbrand5@uis.edu

Dr. Dorine Brand is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Springfield. She completed her education at the University of Illinois receiving her Ph.D. in Community Health (Urbana-Champaign), a Master of Public Health (Chicago) and a Bachelor of Science in Community Health (Urbana-Champaign).

Dr. Brand’s primary interests in cardiovascular (CV) disparity research through community engagement with an emphasis on faith-based health programming within the African American community. Dr. Brand’s work includes exploring mechanisms that will address health disparities, developing effective strategies to reduce CV disease risk factors and improve poor health outcomes among minorities,  and implementing health promotion activities to foster healthy lifestyles.


Dr. Cheng-Chia Chen Picture Cheng-Chia “Brian” Chen Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Office: PAC 324
Phone: 217-206-8548
e-mail: Brian.Chen@uis.edu

Dr. Cheng-Chia “Brian” Chen is an Assistant Professor of Public Health in the Department of Public Health at the University of Illinois-Springfield. He received a PhD in Health Behavior from the Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University’s School of Public Health-Bloomington. He also earned two Master’s degrees in Applied Statistics and Sports management (Concentration: Sports Marketing) from Indiana University-Bloomington. Dr. Chen has developed a sustainable research program that focuses on health inequality, health policy analyses, e-Education, health promotion, and chronic disease prevention/control. His recent research projects include original studies to facilitate the understanding and application of social determinants of health (SDOH) and related public health interventions to enhance strategies for disease prevention, and health policy making from a multi-dimensional, social-ecological approaches. Dr. Chen has articles in peer-reviewed publications such as the International Journal of Health Services, the Health Education Journal, E-mentor Journal, and a chapter in Contemporary Issues in Public Health in North Africa and Middle East. He currently serves as a reviewer for the American Journal of Public Health, British Medical Journal, and American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

Dr. Chen teaches graduate and undergraduate MPH (Master in Public Health) courses in Biostatistics, Health Economics, Food, Health and Public Policy, Human Well-Being: Determinants of Health & Health Disparities (in on-campus and blended settings). In 2017, he received the Burks Oakley II Distinguished Online Teaching Award. To learn more about Dr. Chen, please visit his professional website by clicking here.


image002Kathy DeBarr Ph.D
Associate Professor
Office: PAC 328
Phone: 217-206-7535
Email: debarr@uis.edu

Dr. Kathy DeBarr is Associate Professor of Public Health at University of Illinois at Springfield in Springfield, Illinois. She previously served as the Chair of the UIS Health Services Administration Department. She has served as a peer reviewer for several academic journals, including International Electronic Journal of Health Education, American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Healthcare Management, and the American Journal of College Health, as well as Films for the Humanities and Sciences.

Dr. DeBarr has published articles in the following academic journals: The Journal of Health Administration Education, Journal of Safety Research, the American Journal of Health Education, California Journal of Health Promotion, and the Journal of School Health. Her 2004 article A review of current health education theories for the Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 2(1), 74-87 is used in the Psychological Factors in Health and Illness course at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. She is a past nominee for the CASE National Excellence in Teaching Award.

Most significantly, Dr. DeBarr has earned a number of certificates from the Sloan Consortium for Online teaching, and is a member of the New Century Learning Consortium. Dr. DeBarr holds membership in the American Public Health Association, the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, the American Association for Health Education, and the Society for Public Health Education.


Dr.Egbe  Egbe Egiebor Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Office: PAC 320
Phone: 217-206-8146
Email: eegie2@uis.edu

Dr. Egbe Egiebor is an Assistant Professor of Public Health in the College of Public Affairs and Administration. She received her PhD in Toxicology from the University of Maryland and an MS in Environmental Science from Tuskegee University.

Prior to joining UIS, Dr. Egiebor was a Public Health Assessor/ Toxicologist in the Department of Environmental Epidemiology at the Virginia Department of Health. Her research interests include studying the effects of different known chemicals and emerging contaminants of concern on humans and the environment. She is specifically interested in studying the mechanism by which chemicals induce toxic effects.

Dr. Egiebor teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Risk Assessment, Risk Management Communication and other environmental health courses. She received a National Institute of Health  (NIH) faculty fellowship in 2017.  She is a member of the Society of Toxicology,  American Cancer Association and the Association of public Health.


   Lenore Killam, MA
Clinical Instructor
Office: PAC 310
Phone: 217-206-6083
Email: lkill2@uis.edu

Lenore Killam joined the faculty July 1, 2011 to coordinate the internship program and teach environmental health courses. She has a long history with UIS. She received her B. A. in Biology and her M. A. in Environmental Studies when UIS was Sangamon State University. She received a graduate certificate in Environmental Risk Assessment in 2007, and is currently a Doctoral candidate here at UIS.

Before joining the faculty, she served for five years as the Online Coordinator for the Department of Public Health and the Department of Environmental Studies. She previously served as the the Industrial Hygienist and Manager of the Illinois Department of Labor Safety Inspection and Education Division.

Her research interests include risk sciences, emergency preparedness, occupational and environmental health and safety, and community education. She is currently the Central Chapter Director of the Illinois Environmental Health Association.

Lenore is also a fifth degree black belt and Aikido instructor.



Dr. Junu Shrestha

Assistant Professor of Environmental Health
Department of Public Health
University of Illinois Springfield
One University Plaza, MS PAC 322
Springfield, IL 62703
Tel: 217-206-8519

Email: jshre2@uis.edu

Dr. Junu Shrestha completed her EdD in Allied Health, Recreation, and Community Services with emphasis on Environmental Health Education from the University of Northern Iowa in 2018. In addition, she has two Master’s Degree, Master of Science in Environmental Science with emphasis on Pollution Management from Kathmandu University, Nepal and Master of Science in Environmental Health from the University of Northern Iowa. She worked at the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) as a research consultant before coming to the United States.

Prior to joining to UIS, Dr. Shrestha was an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Northern Iowa. Her research interest includes working with various environmental contaminants especially heavy metals and their impact on water (both surface and groundwater) as well as human health. In addition, she is interested in applying Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technique to analyze and map environmental and public health issues. Currently, she is working on the application of GIS technique to find the impact of contaminated (brownfield) sites on various health impacts. Here, at University of Illinois at Springfield, Dr. Shrestha is Assistant Professor of Environmental Health. She teaches 1) Community Health Research and 2) Environmental & Occupational Health.

The UIS MPH Department Welcomes Dr. Junu Shrestha!



Smiling pic of June June C. Agamah, MPH

Public Health Online Coordinator
University of Illinois Springfield
Public Affairs Center, Room 480
One University Plaza, MS PAC 309
Springfield, Illinois 62703-5407
Phone: 217-206-8613
Email: jagam2@uis.edu

Mrs. June Agamah is our new MPH Online Coordinator. Mrs. June Agamah is the Executive Director of the International Health and Development Network(IHDN) and the former President of the Sangamon County Medical Society Alliance. She currently serves on the Sangamon County Medical Society Foundation Board as one of the founders of the Community Health Giving Circle (CHGC).

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Education from University of New Orleans in 1989. In the Summer of 2001, she received her MPH from University of Illinois, Springfield. Since then, she has worked extensively in the public health arena, both in Sangamon County and abroad.  She has extensive experience working with a diverse group of people over the years, and understands the importance of working together to accomplish the core functions of public health; assessment, policy development and assurance.

Since 1996, June and her husband have traveled to Ghana, West Africa on 32 mission trips under the auspices of the non-for-profit International Health & Development network. June has used her UIS public health training to promote health education, improve the environmental health status of communities by building access roads, access to clean water and electricity, while bringing hope to many.  In 2008, they opened the IHDN Mission Hospital in Weta, Ghana. In 2013 they opened the 60-bed Inpatient wards. Today, the hospital servers over 30,000 patients a year.

Mrs. June Agamah was recognized by the University of Illinois in 2014 for the Humanitarian Award for her work as an International Healthcare Advocate, Organizer and Educator. In April 2015, she and her husband, Dr. Edem Agamah, were awarded the State Journal Registrar Finalist for the First Citizen & Legacy Award in Healthcare. Her addition to the MPH department is a big asset to the department of Public Health of the University of Illinois, at Springfield, IL.



 Picture, Bud Price, M.A. MPH Office Manager L. K. “Bud” Price, M.A.Office Manager


Bud earned his bachelor’s degree at UIS in Liberal Studies with a focus in Multi-Media Communications.  His integrative Studies Master of Arts is in Human Resource Management. He also earned a Graduate Certificate in Labor Relations and another in Workforce Development, Human Development Counseling.  His graduate studies were concluded with a Certificate in Distance Education from Indiana University IUPUI.
Call Bud at 217-206-6720 or to send an email CLICK here.


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